Air Max RV Roof Vent Fan


Brand 2012
Color 14″ Black Translucent
Electric fan design Exhaust Fan
Power Source DC
Style 14″ Black Translucent- Air Max Ultra Quiet-12 volt Fan
Product Dimensions 18″D x 18″W x 8″H
Room Type bedroom bathroom living room kitchen
Special Feature Reversible
Wattage 40 watts


About this item

  • [Low Noise Brushless Motor-Five times longer life than traditional brushed motors]: Exclusive brushless motor solution, working with ultra-low noise. Strong anti-interference, reduce the noise damage to the human body, provide a quiet and comfortable camper van space. High efficiency while ensuring low motor loss, the maximum load current is 4a, which saves the battery energy of your motorhome and conforms to the environmental protection.
  • [Perpetual Horizontal Ventilation, Designed for Rainy Days-Ceiling Fan Function]: It provides a level permanent air ventilation (when hatch is closed). During continuous normal rainy days, with the cover closed, the fan can operate for an extended period at speeds 1-2, facilitating ventilation. The fan cover is thickened 2.5mm, crafted PC1100 material, eliminating the need for an additional external cover.
  • [Ultra Quiet Working Fan Blade and Rain Mode]: With the patented curved surface and precise dynamic balance design, conforming to the principle of natural wind rotation, when the fan blade working, it reduces wind noise as much as possible, and realizes 4 noise levels of 10db, 25db, 45d, 68db. In light rain, use the Rain Mode key to slightly open the cover, allowing the fan to operate at speeds 3-4. It can maintain this level for an extended period without adjustment.
  • [Intelligent Rain Sensor and Reversible Ventilation]: The cover lid would automatically closes when it rains, without accumulating water and prevent rain leaking. Inhale or Exhuast, 4 speeds adjustable (3W/10W/20W/40W).
  • [Universal Size and Lifetime After-sales]: It fits standard roof vent 14 x 14 inch, the suggested opening size is 360*360mm, Recommended roof thickness: 37-85mm. High Powered with 12V voltage.


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